Monday, January 25, 2010

Final Week of Preparation

As Saturday rapidly approaches I wonder exactly what I and the other 3 members of Madness are getting into this coming weekend. For the past week it has been in the in the mid 60's and we have gotten almost 3" of rain in the valley.

60's don't concern me if this was only a sprint race (8 hours), but we are 18 hours. The water in the canyon's concerns me with that much rain fall and with the race director telling me that more than half of the race will be canyoneering. These are two concerns. Then we throw in there the possibility of paddling on flat water in the dark in 50 degree weather and there is no transition areas, so all gear is carried the entire race.

Look for the post race report next Monday the 1st of February. If there isn't one than we didn't make it.

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