Monday, February 8, 2010

Hi-Tec Diablo Review

Okay, so as November was wrapping up and I was trying to finalize all of our sponsors and sponsorship for 2010 and I got this awesome response from Hi-tec Shoes that said that they would love to sponsor us and help us out. So as I reached out to the team to get their shoe preferances I started looking as well. Personally owning a pair of Salomon Speed Cross 2 shoes I wasn't sure what I would like from Hi-tec. So I picked a pair of water type shoes for when I'm paddling.

Really hadn't had much time on the water to try these out before my race this past weekend. But I knew that I wanted to use these on this race because of so much of the race being paddling. So as we started the day I through on my Diablos. The first couple of paddling parts I really just wore them as a shoe inside the kayak in case I had to get out for something. Then we got to a point I knew I wasn't going to be going super far, so there was no need to switch into my Salomon's.

It was up a running creek. I was extremely impressed by the grip that these had, as earlier in the day my Salomon's seemed to slip a little on some wet creek rocks that I had been on. The one down side to the Diablo's were the fact that they do have very open sides on them and I stepped in some really loose sand and it got up under my foot.

End of the day I like them and I will continue to use them as my paddling shoe.

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