Saturday, February 20, 2010

MultiTerra Targa Review

So during the Red Energy race about a month ago I noticed that Mike was wearing his Hi-tec MultiTerra Targa's. I was really impressed with them and wanted to get a pair to try out. Well I needed to get a few more pairs of Hi-tec's for some of our other members, so when I shot the order off to Josh at Hi-tec I added a pair of the Targa's in for me.

These arrived on a Friday with a few other packages that day. When I got home that afternoon I was sorting through things and seeing who got what and I found my Targa's in there. I slipped them on. It has now been about 8 days since I got this shipment in and I have woren these 7 of these days.

These shoes rock. The traction that these have is incredible. These are extremely comfortable and very easy to slip in and out of, because of the quick pull string design. I think the only thing that I don't like is the elastic draw-strings for the laces. I am a huge fan of the Kevlar draw-strings on my Salomon's. I am going to look at putting a pair of these on my Targa's. I am extremely pleased and excited about these.

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  1. I replaced my pull-strings with regular sport laces before our trail run last week, and I noticed a huge difference. I also wear mine all of the time. Next to my Mizuno running shoes, these are my favorite shoes.
    We ran through snow, slush, and slop up to eight inches deep and I love the traction these shoes have. Also, they were dry in under an hour.